Never mind Hurricane Harvey, (and all due respect and sympathy to those afflicted), we have just spent the past few days recovering from a humongous lightening strike!  The picture above wasn’t of ours – that was Denver’s worst ever hail storm a few months ago.  Spot the UFO – I reported it to MUFON (look it up) and they were ecstatic. No one had noticed it before or assumed it was a plane. Not so!  Incidentally, those domes you see are on the US Air Force base that monitors North Korea missile launches.

Anyway, nice sunny day, nothing in the forecast, when suddenly the light went to total eclipse standard. Very shortly afterwards there was the most colossal bang above my head that I have ever heard. My cell phone jumped off my desk, the alarm system bleated and warbled, the dogs had hysterics and my computer was still working (what!?). Thinking that the NoKo EMP prediction had come true, I leap into action.

Andrea had luckily just exited the shower and she was OK, just a little confused as to what was going on – the master bathroom is deep in the bowels of the building. I rushed outside into a torrential downpour to check how much of the roof had gone. Gee, there must be a hole somewhere – but no! No holes in walls either – so what happened? Both computers were on and working (but no Internet), aircon was working, w/machine and dryer OK, irrigation system OK, (I could bore you silly with this). Ultimately, no garage door opener and no TV; what a strange combination, I’ll phone next door and see if they are OK – they were fried 3 yrs ago.

Ah, no phone landline either – where’s my cell phone. On the floor and bleating “Fatal Exception” – except that I managed to reboot it. None of the neighbors had a problem, so what happened?

The TV’s had voltage surge protection and other things connected on the same board were OK. Things were becoming a little clearer. The bolt obviously struck ground near the cable TV access and spread through the house that way, totally bypassing the voltage protection measures. Damnation!

Phone call to Comcast; engineer dispatched. Calming pills issued to all dogs and alcohol for humans.

Strong smell of sulphur appears in middle of house – did I just see a forked tail swish down the corridor to the laundry room? A quick search reveals no obvious cloven hooves, but I’m watching, watching………..

Engineer confirms all Comcast control and distribution boxes are fried and starts the replacement process. But, but, what about the garage door motor failure? And now several wall circuits and light circuits and ceiling fans are not working and we have no outside lights either. Call for electrician, who turns up next day and scratches his head a little and starts going through the circuit breaker box where everything says ‘on and working’. Not so in reality – don’t you just love electrics?

Anyway, to cut to the chase. It appears that a previous owner had a small dog and to stop it straying, laid an underground loop wire around the front of the house to shock the dog collar if it tried to cross it. I had never been able to find it, nor did I realize it was still connected into the garage. So we had a double whammy and a very confusing one at that. Smart electrician.

The TVs are at the repair shop to see if they can be resurrected (not hopeful) and all receipts are being filed ready for the insurance company, which says it ‘might’ pay out. As an aside – I have no confidence or respect for US insurance companies, so this may turn out to be a very expensive exercise.

Serves us right for buying a house on what I discovered used to be called “Thunder Hill”.

I will update you later……………………….

Sir Mikey

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