The Breakfast Burrito

You know, for someone who wasn’t exactly over-keen on what I knew about Mexican food before I arrived, I have really started to enjoy it, particularly the breakfast burrito.  For those who haven’t a clue what that is, please consult the above example….

It consists of a variety of fillings dutifully wrapped in a flour tortilla. They can be exhumed from the freezer and nuked into something tasty and nutritious in a couple of minutes.  My current favorite is the scrambled egg, rice and chorizo version; or maybe the scrambled egg, pork and salsa verde version.  In any event, you can find Mexican (TexMex) on every street corner here in the same way that you can buy a curry in the UK.  But you have to like lime and cilantro (green leaf coriander in the UK). The dogs are very fond of their tiny morning nibble of my breakfast.  What’s that? Oh- the bowl next to the burrito. That is a puree of re-fried beans with a little cheese on top. Delicious!


Has it ever occurred to you……….

…that in all the Bible, which mentions Egypt over 600 times and Pharaoh often, there is no mention of the Pyramids or the Sphinx? Curious, no?  I mean, you can hardly ignore their existence, now can you? How often is the Temple in Jerusalem mentioned?    What am I saying?   Well…     I have no idea; it just struck me as strange.


I see that the terror alert level has been raised from Tea Light to Scented Candle in the UK.

As for the idiotic statements from the Mayor of London – if you were at the front gate of Disney World, and could see in the background the park was on fire, with the sounds of explosions and people screaming in agony, and bloodied tourists running out of the park gates along with teams of medical personnel rushing buy with horrifically injured tourists on stretchers, and there was an idiotic representative smiling and saying ”Come on in; it’s the safest amusement park in the world! Don’t be bothered by all our emergency response personnel everywhere, that just proves how safe we are!”, would you find that a reassuring or logical argument, and want to immediately buy tickets to bring your family in?

It’s nonsensical and should be treated as such, not staunchly defended.       Where are the arrests, the deportations, the cancellation of citizenship? This will overtake you in the UK; look behind and see previous events; contemplate the demands (and tacit approval) for Sharia courts, halal conventions, workplace accommodations that disrupt productivity, and other cultural activities that are designed to misappropriate Western values.  Despite denials there are places, particularly in northern England and London, that are essentially no go areas for police and definitely for the native population.  Where are you going, UK?

In December 2015, a police officer from Lancashire in northern England told the Daily Mail that, “there are Muslim areas of Preston that, if we wish to patrol, we have to contact local Muslim community leaders to get their permission.”


The 5 Finger Pork Chop

Remember that five finger high pork chop I illustrated recently – here it is again.  Well, the place that does them had a Fathers Day special – a three course pork chop dinner for $29.  So, we went and, oh my – what an experience.    It was humongous!

As expected, most of the food came home and, counting the restaurant evening, it did me three good meals. Not a bad bargain, considering the quality of the offering!


OK, I shall leave you salivating. Until next time……………

Sir Mikey.