Uh Oh! Distance Viewing Project Looks Viable…..

Greetings All and hope you are all digging your shelters?


Those of you who were party to my original emailed Litters may remember that I once spoke about the old CIA Distance Viewing Project https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargate_Project  that was declassified and went ‘civilian’ some while ago. One of the future events ‘seen’ was the lobbing of a North Korean nuke onto the capital of South Korea, Seoul. They had no timeline because that is how it works; there is only an event sequence.


The event sequence was that after a comet or near-Earth event, North Korea does the unthinkable. When I saw the coverage http://earthsky.org/space/chelyabinsk-meteor-mystery-3-years-later about the meteorite exploding over Russia a few years ago (Feb 15, 2013), I did wonder if we were inside that sequence.  Current events are now looking even more likely.  The next few days will tell, although it is fair to point out that sequences of future events do have many possibilities radiating out from the original ‘viewing’. It may not happen but, if it does, I would say that it goes a long way to validating the original project.


Living as we do, not 15 miles from the town of Elizabeth and it’s Minuteman silos, it may get a little warm around here – possibly a glass coated parking lot. We are tucked in below the hill behind which sits the missile complex and also the direction of Cheyenne Mountain, the command and control center for NORAD, which has been reactivated recently.  It is also rumored that the civilian division of the CIA has been moved here. I wonder who is occupying the gigantic bunker under Denver International Airport?


Talking of which, did you note that Norwegian Air is offering very cheap (200 GBP) tickets each way for London (Gatwick) to Denver – direct flights by Boeing 787 Dreamliners in competition to the only carrier to do so currently – BA, using 767’s.   Whenever we traveled the flights were booked solid for weeks, so it amazes me that no one else went into competition sooner, even if it is only going to be Tuesdays and Saturdays, starting in September 2017.                                     https://www.norwegian.com/uk/booking/flight-tickets/farecalendar/LondonGatwick-Denver


You have lessening excuses for not visiting…………… the Rockies are beautiful in Sept/Oct.


Sir Mikey