Update on Simon

Simon has been with us a week, having arrived from Houston in comfort, courtesy of United Airlines. It was a little over two hours in the air for him and we collected him at United Cargo facility at DIA.


Knowing that he was a little highly strung and despite an apparently calm dog, I elected to load him directly into the back of the car in his crate.  The cargo facility is wide open and if he had escaped we would likely never have seen him again.  A good move!  On arrival home, and in a closed garage, I let him out and tried to get a leash on him. Oh man, that calm dog went haywire; but I did catch him quickly and put him on a leash to walk round to meet his new pals. He was as good as gold on the leash and happy to trot by my side.


All went well – Captain Hershey laid down his prerogative and Simon has become loyal Lieutenant, with Houdini as First Mate. Sean does his own thing, growls and has confined himself to quarters. He ‘knows’ he is the boss so sees no reason to prove it……  the curmudgeon will be fine in a couple of weeks and Simon cares not one bit.  The two cats are quite happy with Simon, although Mr. Pipinsky was a bit stand-offish at first, having been chased up the stairs. That said, Simon was very skittish with humans (except for food – the guy is an eating machine!). We left him alone to re-adjust to his vastly different world, except for a new collar with his new contact details on it. After five days we bushwhacked him on his bed late in the evening and he enjoyed 20 mins of head scratching and tummy rubs from both of us. The same the next evening and he has become a different dog. Not quite the calm, relaxed animal yet – but what a difference. He pushes his nose into my hand when walking and, amusingly, he pushed his way into the ‘throne room’ today as I was performing and gave both my knees a big lick. I think you could say we are winning – his behavior is now much different and he is beginning to suspect that he is in his forever home, having obviously missed his pals, two legged as well as four, back in Texas.


He had his first verbal admonishment today, having pulled a loaf of bread off the kitchen island. He took it well (the admonishment, that is!) and went to sulk under the dining room table. That said, he is back in my study now, lying at my feet.  What a cheeky boy he is and obviously full of personality. He, Hershey and Houdini have been enjoying racing round the dog run together. I hadn’t fully realized how suppressed Hershey and Houdini were after the untimely death of Jada.  All changed now.


We had 10″ of wet snow two days ago after 5 weeks of insanely warm temperatures. It was a bit of a shock for a dog used to the temperatures of Texas but oh boy, did he make the most of it. While Hershey was doing his snow angel bit, Simon was making tunnels through the snowdrifts – snow flying everywhere! It melted all too soon…..


So far so good and all seems to be going as it should. He needs a night light on in the bedroom and on the stairs at present, so that when one of the cats or small dogs goes abroad at night, he doesn’t think it is a predator. We had two nights of him launching himself at them in the almost dark; have you ever heard a dog scream? I suspect it is a hangover from his time on the streets as a puppy. All sorted by the use of night lights and we have had 3 nights now of blissful uneventful sleep. Thankfully, he is not an early riser – but when he wants his breakfast he isn’t shy about letting you know!


I doubt he will ever quite get over his anxiety complex but he was really good when we had a stranger in the house yesterday (who doesn’t like dogs too much). Fortunately, we have a vet who has one rescue dog of similar temperament, so we are taking her advice on dealing with issues. Simon will be meeting her shortly – he is going to love her.


Simon is a beautiful dog, very athletic, non-aggressive and with a real sense of fun – I was playing peek-a-boo with him earlier. He will do very well.


Sir Mikey