Bucket Lists, Voting Preferences and Mass Insane Hysteria

Hello, my lovelies.

Bucket lists seem very popular these days but how about this one for chutzpah. A 99-year-old woman in the Netherlands got the help of her local police to fulfill her longtime wish of getting cuffed and jailed.

The woman, named Annie, wanted to “experience a police cell from within,” in the Dutch town of Nijmegan-Zuid.  Last week, Annie’s niece got in touch with the police force to organize the elderly woman’s “arrest” so they could help make her dreams come true.

Officers drove Annie to the police station and locked her in a cell. They slapped on a pair of handcuffs for the full effect.

She was all smiles.  Way to go Annie!  I think they let her out later………….

You will have gathered that the current Holyweed (and it’s incumbents) is not my favorite place right now.  It isn’t so much that they are Hilliaries people to a man (or woman), or that they should be made to dress in ugly pants suits as a uniform but it is the sheer hypocrisy that a place that has dispensed racism, privilege stereotypes and sexism for countless years should dain to lecture all of us about those same attributes.

But my main point is concerning the fracas that developed towards the end of the Oscars, when the confusion reigned over the award for the best movie. It set me thinking about how a movie is actually voted ‘best’ and this is what I found.

Of the 24 categories at the Academy Awards, 23 are determined by a simple winner-take-all system. Voters relevant to the catagory listed select from one of the five (or in some cases three) nominees. The contender with the most votes gets the gold, simple as that.

But in the recently expanded best picture field, it’s quite a bit more complicated than that.  All voters are asked to rank the films in order of preference. Their first choice is number one, their second choice number two, and so on.

When the bean counters then seek to determine the winner of the best picture category, they first look to see if one movie has over 50 percent of the number one votes. Assuming that no movie does (likely the case with nine nominees like this year,) they eliminate the movie with the fewest number one votes. The bean counters then take the number two votes on those ballots, and reassign them as number one votes. If one movie then has more than 50 percent of the number one votes, it becomes the winner. If not, the bean counters continue the process of eliminating movie and reassigning votes, until one movie has an outright majority.

The purpose of this complicated method is to ensure that the Academy’s most prestigious honor goes to a movie that is the consensus choice of the entire organization. (As opposed to a movie which is the favorite of just a slim plurality, which could easily happen with a slate of up to 10 choices.)

In a sense, the preferential ballot is the Oscar’s version of the Electoral College. Both of which can produce surprising results. (See 2016 presidential election. 🙂

Next up is the insanity and sheer childishness of those who voted for Hillarious and their idea of a first woman president. A woman president would be fine; just not that demonstrably wine guzzling, intellectually dead beat one and her rendition of “But it’s my turn”.

I have ceased reading the pages of delusional and insulting diatribe from Democrat email contacts (and my, oh my, you should see Facebook). When I suggested they follow my website to keep up with my thoughts, I instantly had 88 hits, lots of hysterical comments left (deleted by the moderator) and there have been over 1200 attempts to log in to cause damage.  Most of the parameters that preceded the Civil War are on the march again. http://www.intellectualtakeout.org/blog/5-causes-civil-war-besides-slavery?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=7282629&utm_content=newsletter(7282629)&utm_term=newsletter

This isn’t just the immature who are doing this, the apparently sane and formerly reasonable are on the back of the wagon, waving their wigs furiously and shouting language I haven’t heard since my rugby days.

I (and many others) had my beefs about the destruction that Mr. O was causing – but did we become raving, mouth-foaming lunatics when he was elected not once but twice, for heavens sake.  Demands for martial law are surfacing, in order to remove Mr.T. I have news for those folks……

If you need a little hilarity, please log in to  http://www.hillarybeattrump.org/                                                                   I suppose it makes them able to imagine they won!

Next up – I was at a party the other evening and someone whom I had never met before walked up to me and said ” You look like John Wayne, are you related?”.  That isn’t the first time, so I took off my cowboy hat and leather vest and asked “how now?”.  No, seriously, my father was asked several times if he was related to big JW too and when I look at his photos and those of John Wayne yes, there is a similarity of looks. But me? Andrea has always said I looked like someone she couldn’t place and as soon as this guy said it she said “OMG, that’s who it is!” Howdy Folks!

Bit of fun – but I don’t see it with me, just my Dad.

I’m done for today and it has just started snowing………………

Sir Mikey