I have been asked by some readers of my epistles if, because of my frequent references to Jewish issues, I have converted to Judaism because Andrea is Jewish. The answer is no, I have not, but I have always taken an
interest in Jewish affairs because my Father’s mother’s family were Baltic Jews who came to England via a ship from Hamburg during an anti-Jewish pogrom there in the 1870’s.

A portent of what was to come. Indeed, as one brave Spanish journalist put it recently (and got fired as a result), “Europeans murdered six million Jews and replaced them with near thirty million Muslims. So how’s that working out for you, Europe?” European politicians on the right and left instituted the nation-destroying Eurabia project (European Union, importation
of Muslims). Likely to prove the biggest cultural mistake of the last 1,000 years. Millions of the most talented people on earth gone and replaced with 30 million drones. Maybe that is the New World Order plan anyway but if you doubt the statement, take the time to seek out a list of Nobel prizewinners and the disciplines involved and see how many Muslim names are represented. OK, I save you the effort:

Now, I didn’t start this but if you ask questions you get answers that may not coincide with your prejudices or mental conditioning. How about another outrageous statement for you:
If you look in the trinkets cupboard of some Palestinians, you are likely to find many a Jewish artefact; not because these items have been plundered but because they are keepsakes from when the family was forcibly
converted to Islam during and before the time of the Ottoman empire. This is also borne out by genetic studies of ‘Palestinian’ DNA at Israeli hospitals (yes, they get treated free at Israeli hospitals without fear or favour even if some are caught on follow-up visits wearing suicide belts).
(scroll down – it’s a long page).

What’s it all about, Mikey? Well, at base, there is no such thing as a Palestinian per se; they are a variable mix of Arab, Jewish and European Christian (Crusader) DNA, even if they have become subsumed into the Arab culture and thought process. My suggestion? They all convert to (or back to) Judaism and they can all be one happy family in a greater Israel that includes all Palestinian territories and Jordan. Sorry, I can’t stop laughing but I know it is a serious issue. Stranger things have come to pass!
One of the big stumbling blocks to peace in the Middle East is that the Israeli Jews have no respect for Palestinian ‘Jews’. They have much more respect for the Israeli Arabs (1.7 million of them) who live and take
part in Israeli society and the following very long webpage makes for interesting reading and I am sure contains information you have never come across before in the media. If you read it you will find out that there are several Arab generals in the Israeli Army (IDF) for example and many, many more Arabs in lower ranks in all branches of the services at great risk to their personal safety. There is even a Bedouin Arab presence – both the tracker and reconnaissance battalions of the IDF are composed solely of Bedouin volunteers serving in the IDF from both northern and southern Israel. They all prefer to participate in a democracy instead of being ruled by a radical theocracy.

You really need to know this sort of stuff if you are to make any comment on that part of the Middle East without making an idiot of yourself and the more important information is toward the end:   It’s another long, long page! Interesting fact – the patrolled fence that separates modern Israel proper from the occupied West Bank has reduced suicide bomb attacks by 99%. i.e. Arabs living within Israel proper know which side they prefer despite the religious and political issues. Economics rules all.

There is no black and white in the current state of the Middle East. Which segues nicely into: in fact, Israel airlifted eight thousand black Jews from Sudan and the Horn of Africa, where they were being persecuted, first
in Operations Moses in 1984 and Operations Joshua and Sheba in 1985 and another fourteen thousand souls again in Operation Solomon in 1991. . This is an amazing
story of ‘can do’ and holds the record for the number of souls carried on a single plane; an El Al 747 cargo plane – 1122 people. Wow! Persecution makes flights of imagination come true. (sorry, couldn’t resist that one).
The Jewish homeland is getting mighty crowded, no matter how well they can make that tiny former desert area bloom. Just think of all that truly huge desert area that surrounds Israel and languishing under Arab control that could be made to flourish again, using the same techniques. And the Arabs won’t even try, even with all the money we have paid them for oil. To me that is the biggest crime against humanity in the world today. To
Gaddaffi’s credit, he alone did try but was stopped; now we have another basket case of a country and still there is the best part of a former polar ice cap, as potable water, lying in the sandstone strata under the Sahara –

“At some point in your life, you have to take sides. I tend to side with the Jewish point of view on many things, especially issues like this one. I realize how important Israel is,” so says Jay Leno, the former host of liberal TV media NBC’s flagship Tonight show, who is of Italian heritage.“It is the only democracy in the Middle East and I don’t like to see the little guy getting picked on by the big guy. I look around the Middle East and I see people being stoned to death because they’re gay and women being not allowed to drive or not allowed to vote.
And here’s this one tiny paradise in the Middle East where freedom reigns and there’s a democracy, you vote people in; you vote people out,” he told an interviewer for Israel’s YNet. Bravo, Mr Leno; I concur wholeheartedly and what other country would jail a former prime minister for corruption and a former president for sexual harassment. These crimes happen elsewhere in many places but above a certain level of society they are ignored or quietly forgotten. Dare I mention the Bill Clinton saga; someone who is now rehabilitated to a revered Democrat elder statesman but who has ‘allegedly’ left many ruined lives in his wake, not just Monica Lewinsky? And the too important to prosecute Hillary Clinton.
To another different but allied topic. This is one of the better (if rambling and emotional) comments on the policy of multiculturalism that I have heard recently:
“This doesn’t mean that you’re xenophobic, and it doesn’t mean you’re a nationalist. It means: Can we please have the people here who are doing no harm and can contribute to our society? If you want to be an American
but you also want to be a German, you want to be a South African, you want to be a Palestinian, or whatever, then you’ve got to fold into the society. That’s what you have to do. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be here. If you can make us better, great. But do you want to be an American? Because if you want to remain an Egyptian, stay in Egypt. They’ve got lots of room for you. Most of it desert. Lots of room for you. That doesn’t make me xenophobic. But what these nations have done overseas is they have adopted the attitude that every culture is equal. I’m sorry, but… when one nation and one culture is preaching the Judeo Christian practice of love, and another culture is teaching Islamic hate and death, I’m sorry, they are different. And if you don’t like it, then go to Pakistan, where you can be surrounded by hate and death”.
I am sure the UK’s Nigel Farage could put it more eloquently but maybe not so emotionally. Common sense is finally on the march.  I fear it is too late anyway; the European statehood experiment has been botched, leaving the population unbewitched, bothered and bewildered. They couldn’t even get the money right and if southern Europe is hoping to be bailed out ad infinitum by the Germans, forget it. Because of their
own peculiar demographic cliff as a result of delayed WWII prisoner return, the Germans will be cutting themselves loose before long, chopping the legs off the EU.

Something to ponder?……….
One of the most disconcerting stories about the real shape of the economy is the news about housing consolidation among older Americans. Everybody has heard about the young people, burdened with school
debt and a poor job market, who have failed to launch. Almost a third of 18- to 34-year-olds live with their parents. But more shocking is the account of the growing number of people aged 50 to 64, people who
normally would be in their peak earning years, forced by economic conditions to move in with their parents!
The LA Times reports that “older people are quietly moving in with their parents at twice the rate of their younger counterparts.”For seven years through 2012, the number of Californians aged 50 to 64 who live in
their parents’ homes swelled 67.6 percent to about 194,000.”

Well, there’s a lot to be occupying you in this one, is there not? I wonder how many of you will take the trouble to read up the hyperlinks, especially if your prejudices make it difficult reading? It’s up to you.