Hillary Clinton Quid Pro Quo

It’s a curio, this Quid pro quo
It’s attached itself to a Scorpio
We hear the details blow by blow
But all denied by the so and so

She must think like a haricot
She wants to say it’s all escrow
Holy Joe, it’s a horror show
And not a patch on Scipio

All travel’s done in-cogni-to
May as well be in Borneo
But watch the Press act rodeo
Humiliation they undergo

You should hear the taped audio
Out on her tour – no S.R.O.
Just grunts, ahems and ‘off I go’
No afterglow, just acid snow

Earning more than a CEO
She makes herself hypocritico
But she’ll survive like Abednigo
The Media have no bone marrow

Bill’s perhaps a gigolo
Her sexuality? That’s a no – oh no!
For that – you get a chassepot
You career has all gone ‘cheerio’

While acting out this cameo
And ratings go all counterflow
Thinking it’s a comme il faut
Like taking tea with bergamot

Maybe she’ll try the do-si-do
To try to win in Idaho
She doesn’t have a chance you know
Send her off to Mexico!

Just like the poor old Kakapo
Well-formed wings but cannot flow
Poor thing suffers from vertigo
Resembles most a Pierrot

Politics needs a golden glow
It’s time right now for Cupid’s Bow
Instead she’s given a body blow
And down come the walls like Jericho

© Sir Mikey of Parker 2015