Taharrush Gamea & more Trumpish Thoughts.

In the new Eurabia swarms of Muslim orcs and Qur’animals are currently initiating a “wreck-quiem” for Europe,which is rapidly succumbing to something almost impossible to take in: Swedish disease – Suicidal
Altruism. This is being perpetrated by liberal politicians who are desperate not to lose economic ground because of failing demographics and aided and abetted by the left because it fits their happy-clappy view of world

Sadly it doesn’t work like that. When you try and mix vastly disparate cultures, one becomes dominant and it is the most aggressive and emotionally corrupt that wins out. Liberals will be the first casualties
of the new order; strange that they cannot see it. When you have men of fighting age coming to your country in numbers and they don’t respect your country’s laws or culture, that is usually called an invasion or an act of war.
Sweden – it gets worse: [ Police ] [interview – Swedish Dept of Justice]      [ Scent of Cologne very long but worth it]. [Out of East Germany comes…..] [Polish take]
German investigators now suspect the numerous New Year’s Eve sexual assaults were part of a Middle Eastern group sex-assault activity known as “taharrush gamea” taharrush in Cairo . The issue is that leaders across the globe are not heeding the pleas of their own citizens. Instead, they are putting the needs of their citizens behind those of migrants who’ve repeatedly proven that they are not the innocent asylum seekers the left would have us believe  ethnic cleansing in Europe . If political leaders haven’t noticed in time that working populations are about to nosedive, it is no good embarking on dubious social experiments. Economic demographics . It only takes a militant 10% of a population to bring about change and Europe is well on the way to importing such.
Legendary promoter P.T. Barnum used a trick to pull people towards a door labelled ‘Egress’. Many of them assumed it was a rare animal, only to pass through the door into a back alley and straight out of the zoo. The
door automatically locking behind them made more room for new customers coming through the front door.

Is this a portent of what will happen in Europe; will there be an exodus of Western Europeans to the East, where countries like Poland and Hungary are refusing to take part in this charade of Suicidal Altruism, leaving the West to Muslim incursion. It isn’t too much a stretch of the imagination. Will the US allow immigration of escapees as well? Time to blow the Channel Tunnel, I feel; it always was a bad idea.
This blog entry made me smile in regard to Dem candidate Bernie Sanders: “Geez, could you imagine if the US elected a Jewish President (let’s ignore Lincoln; ed). How would we handle it. I mean it took us until JFK to elect a socialist catholic. Because we all know that Catholics are socialists deep down. Come on, the Pope actually speaks in terms of people actually caring about their fellow man. He even believes in the Golden Rule. How socialist. Oh wait, we kinda like the Jews even though they don’t recognize JC as the messiah”.
How is the United (Islamic) Kingdom going to handle the fact that Prince George, the future king twice removed, is technically Jewish through his mother? Only saying……………..
Worth reading all of it: Kuwait Air
“History will judge many of Barack Obama’s famous phrases as just words, whereas Donald Trump is the living and breathing essence of audaciousness”.
“Here’s the man! He’s the boss, a success, an employer, constructor. Vote, already! This way to the man who can fix things! By November 2016 that xenophobic, pouting ‘racist’ may not be so bad a choice. The Clinton dynasty is all about serving special interests at a time when people desperately crave something else.” Hogue, John (2015-12-21). Trump for President.
Rather than the woman who is a corporate puppet, Donald Trump would make a much better emperor than a president, but he is a negotiator not a dogmatist. He is neither Democrat nor Republican; he is a realist but a
pathological, narcissistic, sociopath to boot. This man can and does “get things done” whether you like it or not.
Eggs will get broken but that is not a reason not to go there. Those of you outside the US who are appalled at the prospect should bear in mind that this is a direct internal US response to the wasted years of Obama, whose
election you all cheered mightily for it’s promise that would never come. He only enjoyed ‘being’ president, not ‘doing’ president.

Trump is America’s version of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. The British Trump (born in NYC). Trump is a man held up to ridicule both inside and outside his own country but wait on a moment. Rome was on the verge of collapse as the unlikely Diocletian came to power. Diocletian  The emergency necessitated he break with tradition and award himself a level of monarchical, autocratic powers over the Senate and bureaucracy and governors of provinces not wielded by any previous Emperor of Rome. Rather than shrink the government he initiated a list of highly successful reforms expanding the civil and military services, providing them with far better leadership and efficiency while decentralizing imperial power. He staved off the collapse of Rome by over 100 years.
Little known outside the US is that US infrastructure was built with a lick and a promise and is now collapsing. It is a country built in huge haste, from scratch, over a very short period. Available money had to be stretched as far as possible. Indeed, the first ‘transcontinental’
roadway was Route 66, finished in late 1929. And a good job too
after Pearl Harbor and the need to rebuild the Pacific Fleet with Great Lakes steel! Consequently, the number of bridges that were made of steel and probably sub-standard concrete and now need urgent replacement are legion.
The railways and most airports are at 1970’s standards, unlike the rest of the 1st World; the integrity of the national power grid hangs on a wing and a prayer; water supplies are stretched and increasingly polluted; and as for the NY Subway……. All this should have been upgraded with the money that was stupidly spent in Korea, Vietnam, Libya and Iraq (Afghanistan – maybe not so much).
This would be Trump’s legacy – one of capital projects to revitalize the country, built by completely renegotiating trade agreements in US favour and thus returning industry and overseas profits to the US. Trump
can be unreasonable but I expect he can sort out the Chinese without a shooting war. Add to this payment demands (at last) for providing security to Western Europe, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia and the pot will be half full again instead of truly empty.
Is he the real, rather than imagined, deal: a political maverick breaking the rules, coming to power to kick some backsides and produce significant, lasting reforms of the system; or, is Trump just a mad man, reaching beyond his depth and showing us that once we elect him his macho campaign bravado against Iranians and Russians isn’t talk?
Stephen King’s – The Dead Zone (1979). The book goes into detail on how his alternate character Stillson, the political clown, manages to become a future president by playing the ultimate outsider, unschooled in politics. The pundits and career politicians are caught flat-footed and although Stillson’s showman antics raise eyebrows, he has some original ideas about how to make America great again. The people have grown sick and tired of career politicians and their fawning mainstream media coverage that never takes Stillson seriously. The people give Stillson a shot. I bet it is Trumps favourite book and inspiration and I am sure the result is not lost on him and thus can be avoided — Nuclear War.
This may surprise you but for relations with Russia I sincerely hope we get Trump instead of Clinton. Clinton has already likened Putin to Hitler (an unheard-of diplomatic gaff) and will pursue Obama’s idiotic sanctions
until the Russians decide they have had enough and nuke the US to provide relief. They have many, many more ‘ready to go’ warheads than the US and all Russian cities and factory complexes have large, deep underground facilities for shelter, the like of which the US has very few (apparently, but see Bases for a different take).

Russia is not to be pushed around as the naive Obama decided to do (and Clinton will continue); it will fight back, precipitously, and soon. Economic reasons will demand it; they will not be going down a second time. And Obama jeered at Romney when Romney stated that Russia was the US’s biggest threat. The Russians are coming  Trump, on the other hand, will likely be more realistic and will rub along much better – oligarch to oligarch. He has had two Slav wives and understands Slav culture. At least he has traits for Putin to admire rather than the shrill and hectoring millionaire woman with whom he has nothing at all in common.

Trump’s ability to horse trade will be invaluable. He’s a little bit like a cage fighter but I think that’s exactly what is needed. Trump has shown that voters like it when Republicans don’t act as though they have to be afraid of telling the truth, in harsh terms, about Democrats. That’s why his stand on immigration gained so much attention; he was using Democrat-style rhetoric, but he was a putative Republican. What the “intelligentsia” miss when they talk about Trump is that real people will be polite at first, but after they’ve been insulted over and over again, they
want to take off the gloves and tell the guttersnipes who’ve been insulting them what they think.
After literally decades of liberals calling them haters and Nazis, after several years of being told that if they don’t support welfare for life for anyone who can sneak into the U.S., they’re selfish monsters, a lot of Americans want politicians who will verbally fight back, not milquetoasts who turn the other cheek.
That’s the good Trump has done. He’s shown that it’s okay for conservatives to be verbally aggressive when dealing with liberals. As described by his son Eric – “he’s a blue collar billionaire”. Trump would be the ultimate in crony capitalism wheeling and dealing. Clinton would be the same only more corrupt and self-centered.
I could almost convince myself that Trump is worth a shot – the stakes are high! But then Sanders promises ‘free stuff’ with bells on; only that is a sure path to ruin of the Republic. So, should I take a punt on Cruz, the ‘man of principle’ that I still find hard to like, who has connections to Goldman Sachs and the only one capable of beating Trump over the long haul.
I have a bet on with a friend in California (Hi Robert!) that Rubio will be the last Republican standing at the Convention. I now fear I will lose the bet – but not for reasons either of us thought!
Has democracy’s time nearly run and is it time for Orwell’s vision to crystallize? Pity then that I cannot yet vote……………
“Yer pays yer money and takes yer choice” – Andy Capp.
Something else that needs revisiting is the idiocy of Obamacare. It really does provide the worst of all worlds. I will not delve back into previous history but, after 2 years on an extortionately priced policy, it has been
cancelled. Thus I go back to the website to see what else I can obtain. I find a policy that isn’t too bad a compromise and put it into my ‘shopping basket’. I didn’t pay my first subscription as we were going out.
On return, I go back to find that the policy has been removed from offer! Getting rather mad now, I go to a licensed Obamacare broker and she suggests something else. This time I pay! Only, 10 days later the company
quietly and without my knowledge returns the premium and deselects me.

They cannot by law refuse me but I am now in limbo again. Andrea’s company has given notice that it will withdraw from the circus at the end of 2016. We are not alone. November 2016 and the general election cannot come soon enough. This has to be sorted

Sir Mikey of Parker