Litter from Amerika – Channel Islands

In a previous missive I said that I would return to the question of who lived here in the US first. Much obfuscation has taken place over unusual archaeological finds because, if generally accepted, the apple cart
would be upset on the entire basis for Native American rights and monetary compensation for the loss of their ‘nationhood’. Not stupid are they – all bodies from ancient burial sites are claimed by Native American tribes, regardless of archaeological significance, in order to protect their tribal status. Court cases have established this procedure, resulting in the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, which granted Native Americans the right to repossess the remains of their claimed ‘ancestors’ and other sacred objects.

Today, museums in the United States no longer exhibit ‘Native American’ remains.

However, there have been many archaeological finds that contradict the ‘Native American’ agenda. It is obvious that there existed other peoples, before the ‘Native Americans’ arrived on the scene, and whom various tribes once acknowledged that they preceded their occupation of the land and whom they supplanted or killed. They are known as ‘The Mound Builders’ from their dispensation to bury their dead in mounds. These mounds are found all over Ohio and the Mississippi Valley. In Litter 40, I mentioned the skeletons of a race of giant people, now carbon dated to more than 8,000 years BCE, that the Smithsonian Museum has been ‘confiscating’ for many years. These are believed to be the mound builders and they lived in large settlements in these areas and west to Nevada.

Ancient Red Haired Giants

But there are others. Take the Windover Pond excavation in Florida, for instance. From the official report:

“All told, the bones of 168 individuals were recovered, ranging in age from infants to adults in excess of sixty years of age. That this was an official cemetery there can be no doubt, as the heads of all the individuals were
held down by ritual stakes and the bodies were all laid on their left sides with their heads pointing to the west.
The oldest skeletons were found to be in excess of 8,280 years old, and there was evidence of continual use of the burial site for more than one thousand years.

Around 8000 BCE the oceans were about three hundred feet lower than they are today, and the weather was cooler and less humid than at present. Food was plentiful in this heavily forested region of Florida, making life good for the people who buried their dead in a shallow pond near what is now Titusville. In the shadow of today’s Disney World, they hunted white-tailed deer and bobcat among the pine and oak trees and fished for bass and sunfish or scooped up turtles, frogs, and snakes.

Even more incredible was the state of preservation of the skeletons due to being sealed in the acid-neutral peat. In over ninety of the skeletons actual brain matter was preserved. This allowed the scientists the unprecedented opportunity to test the intact skulls with X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The average height of the inhabitants was between 5’2″ and 5’8″, and the bodies were buried within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after death, based on the DNA and tissue that was examined. DNA testing on the bodies was conducted and, as was the case with the skeletons at Spirit Cave in Nevada, the genomes were found to contain Haplogroup X, which is a distinct DNA marker, only found in Caucasians of generally northern European origin.

That these were what are called “water burials” is evidenced by the tight textile wrapping of the body and the ritual wooden stakes that were used to secure the heads and keep the skeletons from floating to the surface. The only other evidence for this type of water burial is found in
northern Europe and most specifically the British Isles and in particular Wales and the West Country marshes”. (emphasis is mine – ed)

To put this into context, these people had already been dead for three thousand years before the first stones were laid for the Egyptian pyramids!  Finds similar to those found at Windover Pond have also been reported at Bay West in Collier County near Naples, on the west coast of Florida.

Hail, the Mandan Indians; generally found in North Dakota, and since their first contact with French explorers in 1738, this blond- and red-haired, blue-eyed tribe has been the source of intense speculation as to their European origins. No definitive Haplogroup X testing has ever been done on any of the surviving tribe members, and until scientific blood work is performed, all theories as to their original origins are purely based on superstition, academic bias, and ill-founded opinions.

I think it is time mainstream archaeology acknowledged these finds.

What’s that? Channel Islands? Oh, I meant the other Channel Islands, which include the Catalina Island (remember the seaplane of WWII) off the west coast of California.

In the 1920’s, the island of Catalina was owned by the Wrigley Chewing Gum family, who hired ‘Professor’ Ralph Glidden, curator of the Catalina Museum, to conduct a series of digs on the island under the direction of
the museum. What they found made headlines around the world, only to be written out of the history books less than ten years later.

In short, Glidden and his team exhumed the remains of 3,781 skeletons of a race of blondhaired giants. The tallest was believed to be a king who measured nine feet, two inches tall and the average height of the skeletons was reported to be around seven feet. In addition, the team found the remains of a megalithic “Stonehenge Era” temple.
Many of these remains were exhibited somewhat sensationally by Glidden at the Catalina Museum until the Wrigley family bought them from Glidden’s estate and guess what, they disappeared – courtesy of the  Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act – into the possession of local tribes.

The artifacts took on the mantle of legend as no one could get access to them and Glidden’s reports and records were not to be found. All was lost, until a number of dusty boxes were examined in 2012 at the rear of a storeroom in the old Museum. There, researchers found Glidden’s missing leather-bound records, which contained written reports and photographs up to the standard of the day in the 1920’s. A new museum is being built but don’t hold your breath.

These sensational finds don’t fit the narrative so it is unlikely these records will see the light of day. The man is already being rubbished by the ‘Establishment’ Glidden’s Graves and the NARF Native American Rights Fund. Note that there is no mention of the size of the skeletons except for a mention of an ‘unsubstantiated’ claim. I am not even going to mention the descriptions of the early Spanish visitors to South America.
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