Mah Jongg!

Andrea’s mother was a Mah Jongg maven in her ladies circles in New York but Andrea was never interested until recently. She was astonished to find that I knew how to play when she mentioned it!

So, when someone named Lina put an advertisement on the Pinery website offering tuition, off went Herself to be taught. Learning it is probably a young person’s task; it comes a lot harder at our age!  Nevertheless, she persisted and with the help of , where you can play against ‘bots, she has become quite the player.

I have been receiving regular unsolicited emails from “Lina” for quite a while, offering me sexy, Russian ladies. She swears it isn’t her  🙂

Once I discovered that American Mah Jongg is really quite different to the Chinese game I knew, (and much more complex), I went for instruction too.  The main difference is the winning hands and they change every year in April, so you need a current card from the American MJ Assoc. For those of you who know what I am talking about, it ain’t just Pungs and Kongs. The card is under highly protected copyright so, sadly, I cannot reproduce it here. However, I can give you an example. The top winning hand is:        FF2017DD2017DD where F is any flower and green is Bamboo and red is Characters (the zeros are White Dragons).

Since then we have started playing Thursday evenings at the Colorado Golf Club (very swanky place about 3 miles away and where valet parking is free!) and Tuesday lunchtimes at Parker Garage, which is, as indicated, a restaurant conversion of a car workshop.  It is generally considered a ladies game over here but there are significant numbers of men who play too – so I am not alone!

The Pinery website I mentioned: is a website that covers all the housing developments south of Parker and has quickly become the ‘go to’ place to find, or find out about, just about anything you want.  Very handy!


It’s been quite the hurricane season this year and will continue on to about the end of October. OK, we received Harvey (the warrior) in Texas; Irma (goddess of war) in Florida; we may be spared Jose (God shall add) this week but Maria (sea of sorrow), following behind, may be a different story altogether. From what I can determine today (Sept 16), she is a dead ringer for Washington. We shall see……. and after that, Lee (lion in Latin) going who knows where!  If you want to keep tabs on all this, try:

It appears that damage to the Florida grid was so bad that it will be weeks before some areas regain power. Florida is often called “Paradise” – but it is only “Paradise” with aircon working.  Not for us, although most of Andrea’s family live there now!  I’ve tried 90+% humidity with 90+*F temperatures in Mexico for short breaks and will happily leave that to others to actually live in.


I have been highly amused by the Clinton apology book tour this week, promoting her book “What happened”.   She still doesn’t get it, in any shape or form. The book is surely the only publication ever to have both the question and the answer on the front cover:          

Even Democrats are losing patience and wish Hillary Rotten Clinton would just go away.